Case Study: Prompt Perfect vs GPT-4

We tried a prompt with and without Prompt Perfect so you don't have to...

Effective communication with AI is vital for the future.

Clear, specific, and contextual prompts yield detailed, tailored AI responses.

The Prompt Perfect plugin streamlines this process. Here's a case study comparing GPT-4 with and without the plugin.

Case Study: Using Prompt Perfect to Create a Blog Outline

Scenario 1: Using GPT-4
Scenario 2: Using GPT-4 + Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin

Scenario 1 prompt:

  • could you write a blog outline for why customer service needs AI?

Scenario 2 prompt:

  • Can you create a comprehensive outline for a blog post that explores the importance of AI in improving customer service? Please include detailed points and examples to support your arguments

Using the Prompt Perfect plugin directly in ChatGPT to enhance a prompt.

Scenario 1 result:

Scenario 2 result:

Scenario 1:

Using only GPT-4, the prompt produces a well-structured outline, but it’s points are shallow and it lacks a concise grasp of the material.

The content lacks specific examples or case studies in main sections and offers a generic discussion on customer service, neglecting specific business challenges.

Scenario 2:

By simply typing ‘perfect’ and using Prompt Perfect, the same task yields a more detailed, tailored outline, complete with case studies and discussions on AI concerns.

This outline adds depth and specificity. It features a relatable case study, detailed descriptions of AI tools, addresses AI concerns, and concludes with a focused recap on AI's importance in customer service, urging businesses to consider AI integration.

Summary of Differences

  1. Depth and Specificity: Scenario 2 provides more depth and specificity, with detailed discussions and specific examples included in the main sections

  2. Case Studies: While both outputs mention case studies, Scenario 2 integrates them into the main sections, making the discussion more concrete and relatable.

  3. Addressing Concerns: Scenario 2 includes a separate section on addressing potential concerns about AI in customer service, providing a more balanced view.

  4. Better Conclusion: Scenario 2 has a more focused conclusion, directly recapping the importance of AI in customer service and encouraging businesses to consider AI integration.

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