Prompt Perfect is Reverified on ChatGPT

We are officially back and ready to perfect your prompts.

Prompt Perfect Reverified in the ChatGPT Plugin Store

Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin is Available Again

We're excited to share that, following brief removal due to server updates, Prompt Perfect is now back in the ChatGPT Plugin Store. No significant code updates were made; our primary focus was on scalability enhancements to accommodate increased usage.

How to install the Prompt Perfect plugin for ChatGPT

To get back on board, make sure you are subscribed to ChatGPT Plus and simply visit the plugin store, install Prompt Perfect, select it in your plugins dropdown, and start your prompts with 'perfect'.

Prompt Perfect in the ChatGPT plugin store

Prompt Perfect enabled in the plugin menu


In our pursuit to improve and provide you with the best tools, your feedback is always appreciated. If you’re open to sharing your thoughts, any feedback, or (hopefully) some compliments, you can reach out via email here.

Stay tuned for more AI tools, tutorials, and products we'll be releasing in the upcoming weeks to enhance your AI interactions.

We appreciate your early support of Prompt Perfect.

-The Prompt Perfect Team

About Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is a ChatGPT plugin that rephrases your prompts and makes them more precise and contextually appropriate, enhancing the quality of of ChatGPT’s response.

Initiate the Prompt Perfect experience simply by typing 'perfect' or by enabling the plugin and letting it identify prompts that could be improved.