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  • Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin is live on Product Hunt!

Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin is live on Product Hunt!

If you have time, go give us an upvote

We’ve officially launched our Prompt Perfect Plugin on Product Hunt, the go to place for curating the best new products, every day.

Could we get your support?

If you’re a Product Hunt regular, or if it’s your first time using it, visit our page and upvote the plugin!

Your support will help us get more eyes on Prompt Perfect plus more feedback to help us enhance the experience for all users. (Plus it will make us smile)

New to Prompt Perfect?

If you’re unfamiliar, the Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin is your reliable partner for crafting top-notch prompts directly in ChatGPT.

With Prompt Perfect, you automatically get clearer, more specific, and contextually appropriate prompts and responses. Enhance your prompts quickly to facilitate more efficient and quality responses from ChatGPT.

Prompt Perfect is available as a plugin for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
↳ Navigate to Settings and Beta features
↳ Enable plugins
↳ Choose plugins in GPT-4
↳ Go to Plugin store
↳ Locate Prompt Perfect under the New tab and click install

Once installed, type 'perfect' as the first word of your prompt, or if enabled, Prompt Perfect will automatically identify and enhance prompts that could be improved.

About Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is a prompt design studio crafting AI solutions that are accessible to everyone. We are committed to simplifying human-to-AI interaction, creating effortless experiences for individuals and businesses.

Prompt Perfect’s plugin for ChatGPT rephrases your prompts and makes them more precise and contextually appropriate, enhancing the quality of of ChatGPT’s response.

Initiate the Prompt Perfect experience simply by typing 'perfect' or by enabling the plugin and letting it identify prompts that could be improved.